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About Your Exam


Preparing for your MRI Exam 

You may eat and follow your normal routine prior to

your exam. Medications prescribed by your physician may

be taken.


It is important that you make us aware of any surgically

implanted metal objects in your body. Patients who may have

metal in their eyes from welding, grinding or an accident,

will need an X-ray to ensure that they are "metal free."

Those patients with cardiac pacemakers will not be scanned.


Patients who will be receiving intravenous contrast during their MRI

with renal failure or insufficiency, hypertension, diabetes, severe liver

disease or transplant who are over the age of 60 will be asked for

blood test results prior to their exam. Patients should speak to their

referring physician to make these arrangements as certain patients with

the above conditions may not be able to receive the intravenous contrast

associated with the MRI exam.


The Exam

An experienced, registered and licensed radiology technologist

who has received advanced training in MRI scanning

will perform your exam under the supervision of a board certified

radiologist (M.D.).


If your exam requires intravenous contrast to highlight certain

parts of your body, it will be given by intravenous injection. It

may cause a warm sensation throughout your body.


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